Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Spring is back, and so am I! I've had a wonderful winter! I moved to the country (which I LOVE), started a new job, got my first writing job (a blog writer), and got to spend lots of quality time with my BF while he was off for the winter. I've had time to think about my blog, and writing, and life in general. Name the Trash Can is primarily going to be a blog for those who work with children (I want to have it be an idea universe), but I also want to talk about what goes on in my life. I get ideas for writing, and to use with kids from my interests, passions, and just from everyday living.

For example, living in the country has been a whole new experience! Winter wasn't as harsh as I thought it'd be, but with spring approaching I can see how much new life will be coming in the next few months. It's slowly getting greener outside, buds are growing, and there are baby animals in the neighboring pastures. I've also been blessed to live on a orchard, and there is lots of space for planting gardens. The previous renters (my friends) had several flower beds, and a vegetable garden. The old flowers need to be cut down and the vegetable garden is a big empty space. I have been thankful to be able to take care of indoor houseplants (thanks to my dear friend Devon who one summer gave me some helpful tips), but I'm a total newbie to outdoor plants & gardening. I LOVE learning by doing (and this is also a great thing to do with kids!). If you have a space for outdoor plants (or can have indoor plants) you can teach your kids as you learn! There are so many books, websites, and fellow greenthumbs that have tons of experience, ideas, and advice to pass along.

I'm off for spring break, so I'm going to start clearing and tilling my garden site, and flower beds. I tested the pH of the soil, and took pictures so I can document the learning process (also a great task to do with kids! Science & math fun!). The 4th & 5th graders at my work want to grow plants from seeds, and I'm excited to offer them a place to plant their starts! The other thing I'm working on is learning about poultry & fowl! I have a pasture where the landlord is going to keep calves & he said I can keep chickens down there! I've never had chickens (just indoor pets), and I'm excited to raise them. I went to the local co-op and they have TONS of chicks. I talked with a lady who owns about 35 chickens (I only want 3-5), and a lady who works at the co-op and left with a book, magazine, and some great information. I also fell in love with the sweet downy ducklings. Fell in love! So, now the new idea (I'm an idea maker) is to get two ducklings and keep them up by the garden. Ducks will eat up the insects (including slugs), and I can keep a kiddie pool nearby for them, and use the dirty water to fertilize my veggies.

So, gardening, ducks, and chickens are up on the to do list! I'm going to post some of my pictures from my pH testing and the sad winter garden areas. I've got great space to work with, and lots of ideas to work out. One thing about working with kids (of all ages) is to find new things to try, learn, and keeping a child-like wonder of all the amazing things in the world (like spring, baby animals, and getting your hands in the soil). Happy Spring Friends!!

Fabulously large garden space
Spots for flowers
Flower bed (one of five)
Another flower bed (there are some flowers starting to grow)
Soil for pH testing
My soil is neutral (a good base for gardening)
Norah is watching me and my soil experiments
Testing other aspects of what is in the soil (Nitrogen, phosphates, and potash)
Chicks at the co-op (the duckling picture is not from the co-op, but the ducks were that cute)


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  1. Glad to see you are blogging again. Cute pictures


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