Monday, November 29, 2010

Birthday Idea #2 Celebration Crowns!

Making crowns for birthdays, and or any party is so much fun for kids (of all ages). The hard part is the durability of crowns for kids. Paper ones don't last, and I've had to re-staple SO many crowns, so I love love love this idea! I was inspired by a book about making crowns with thicker pieces (can't remember the book to save my life!), and of course...I made it my own!! These crowns are quick, durable, and super cute!!

Cardstock and/or Paper Books with paper in prints, patterns, etc.
Glitter or metallic paper
Glitter (multi-colored)
Newspaper (to put on table if you use glitter)
Pipe cleaners
Stickers, and/or confetti pieces
Clear Packing tape (thick)

First, take the packing tape. It can be 2-4 inches wide.
Lay out a strip about two inches longer than you need. You'll need to measure the person's head (use a string, or some other clever measuring device). You get to decide how thick you want your crown. When I made them with the kids I laid down two pieces of tape for about 4 inches, but I ended up only using one strip for the example (about two inches).
Cut 1/2 to 1 inch wide strips from your paper. You will need different lengths (I did 2, 4, 6 inch long strips). The beauty of this project is that you get to be creative and play around with lengths, and different materials. I made them from metallic paper, glitter paper, and patterned paper (all can be found in single sheets, packs, or books at any craft or paper store).
I then laid out the ones I wanted to use so they were easy to grab. If you're doing this with kids this is the time to have them pick out the paper they want to use.
I like to use metal confetti pieces (also found at any party or craft store). You can get almost any design or theme to use for your craft. These were random ones I had leftover from another project. Let the kids pick out the ones they want to use for their crown.
They are about as big as your thumbnail (to put in size context). You can also use stickers, pipe cleaners (I'd cut them into different lengths & use metallic ones). Be creative for your materials.
You can use glitter for the crown. Choose one with multiple colors. I like to use glitter bottles with a shaker spout for this project.
You're going to lay out the tape, sticky side up, on a table. Lay down the paper with the pattern side down. I vary the lengths, you can do a pattern with paper. Leave a blank inch or so one each end for the closing part. Then I fill in the spaces with the confetti. Once you have all your paper, confetti, stickers, pipe cleaners, etc. on you can sprinkle with your glitter. You might want to lay down newspaper if you're using glitter so it's easier to clean up & re-use. ***ALSO- at this point write the person's name on the back of a smaller piece of paper that will get mostly covered by tape. Very important when working with more than one child!!***
Next you'll want to take a piece of tape the same size as the first and lay it down on top of the other to make a seal. An adult might want to do this part, because the long piece can get tricky.
Then I take the crown and re-measure the child/person's head. It should be a little longer than their head. To close the crown; take the ends of the crown (which should be paper free), and wrap a piece of tape around it. No staples, no mess!!!!
Finished crown! You can bend the pipe cleaners into shapes, curl the paper, or cut them down in length if they are too long. This is a very basic one without glitter. I could have added more paper strips to fill in the spaces (it's really up to you!). These crowns last much longer than paper crowns, don't rip and/or come apart.
A finished crown. This one is two pieces of tape laid out, and we used glitter. We made these over a year ago, and they still look this good!!!

Have fun with your Celebration Crowns! I'm going to make some for New Year's!!!


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